Four Footed Pals Pet Service

Debbie Tiefenbacher

Debbie and her husband, Ron, moved to Tennessee in June 2005.  Originally from Minnesota and Wisconsin, they wanted to escape the long northern winters.  After 20+ years of customer service in the medical and life insurance fields, Debbie felt she also needed a career change.  She wanted to do something that she felt a passion for.  So, she took two interests – being physically active and caring for animals – and merged them into her own business.  She realized that she'd rather be out walking a pooch than in an office all day looking at a computer screen.

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Ron Tiefenbacher
Back Up Assistance & Support

Ron Tiefenbacher is Debbie's husband. Ron has always had a huge love of animals and they always seem to gravitate towards him, too. Although Ron has a “regular day job”, he provides back-up assistance when needed. Something interesting about Ron: He is known as “the Dog Father” by the members of his band, Bad Dog. You can check them out at:

The Four Footed Pals "Office Staff Team"
Office Support

It's a lot of work to help out in the office.  We have three "regular staff members" - Lexi, Annie, and Katie.  Cody comes by when back up is necessary. 

The Four Footed Pals "Office Security Team"

These days, it's important for a business to have a security team. We do! Never mind that they are almost always on break.